NINEPOINT Acquires Hashtag ES GmbH

With great joy, we announce what has been operationally lived behind the scenes since the beginning of the year.

The NINEPOINT Group is pleased to welcome Hashtag ES GmbH as part of the family! The company will now operate under the name “ninepoint software solutions.”

Starting from tomorrow, we will have our first appearance with our own booth at the 
MultiChannelDay by Michael Atug – so feel free to drop by if you’re around and celebrate this news with us!

Over the past years, Hashtag ES has proven itself as an absolute top destination for technical integrations and developments related to JTL, plentymarkets, and Shopware. Under the new flag, we aim to further expand and advance the business.

Particularly pleasing is the news that Jan Stoll will continue to be on board and support us indefinitely.

Together with Vytautas Sakalauskas and his team, we have acquired many new major clients and projects in the first months of the year, and we hope to continue building strong and long-lasting partnerships – something that characterizes the entire NINEPOINT Group.

Within the NINEPOINT Group, we are thus expanding our portfolio beyond the “D2C Commerce” department, where we offer 360° full-service e-commerce for A-BRAND manufacturers, and “Brand Loyalty,” with our service portfolio revolving around global cashback, trade-in, and product promotions.

We are incredibly excited, and the first months have demonstrated the enormous potential and skills of all Hashta…uh…ninepoint software solutions employees!

Welcome to the family!