Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to provide agency access

    Agency access enables agencies like ours to effortlessly connect to a customer's plentymarkets system and assess the requirements for support or setup.
    This is the officially endorsed method provided by plentymarkets, and it is entirely secure.

    You can grant access through your https://marketplace.plentymarkets.com/ account. Detailed visual instructions can be found here:

    You have two options to do this.
    You can either use the following link: https://marketplace.plentymarkets.com/en/my-account/contacts, 

    or navigate to "My Account" ► "Contacts" and then click on "+ ADD AGENCY," selecting "HashtagES GmbH" as your agency.

  • How to install plugin

    You can access comprehensive information on how to install and manage plentymarkets plugins at the following links:

    - Installation instructions (https://knowledge.plentymarkets.com/en-gb/manual/main/plugins/adding-plugins-system.html)

    - Plugin management guidelines (https://knowledge.plentymarkets.com/en-gb/manual/main/plugins/installing-added-plugins.html)

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