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Performance, agility, and security at the highest level – united in a powerful e-commerce software. Whether you’re the biggest global business player or still on your way there, with Shopware, you have everything you need to grow steadfastly in a fast-paced world. Seamlessly integrate with Plentymarkets, a robust multichannel tool that automates maintaining your shop by providing product information, stock updates, pricing adjustments, and efficient order management.

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Seamless Integration of Shopware into Your Plentymarkets System

Product management

Seamlessly Manage Product Synchronizations Between Your Plentymarkets and Shopware Accounts

Order management

Streamline Order Management Across Your Shopware and Plentymarkets Accounts with Our Plugin

Price management

Easily Transfer Prices from Plentymarkets to Shopware Without Any Extra Effort.

Stock management

Ensure Consistent Stock Levels Across Your Plentymarkets and Shopware Accounts

Shopware 6.6

Scalable costs

Drive down your total cost of ownership with a scalable platform that adapts to your evolving needs, both today and tomorrow. Enjoy the ease of use, flexibility, and intuitiveness


Experience the versatility to tailor your online business to your exact specifications with Shopware. Whether you’re targeting B2C, D2C, or B2B markets, the possibilities for your vision are limitless.

Endless customization

Unlock a world of seamless integration and function amalgamation like never before. Embrace open commerce and gain access to a vast network of experts worldwide, facilitating swift and effortless realization of your vision. Transform your dreams into tangible success stories and refine your business without constraints, commitments, or time wasted.

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