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✅ Official STRIPE plugin for JTL-Shop 5

Discover the seamless integration of the Stripe Payment Plugin for JTL-Shop 5, enabling your online store to accept payments through the world’s most popular payment methods. Accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit and debit cards, and a variety of other options – without any additional integration. With Stripe, you gain access to over 25 payment methods. Increase your sales and maximize customer satisfaction with the JTL Stripe Plugin – simple, fast, and secure.

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Seamless Integration of STRIPE with Your JTL-Shop 5

Apple Pay

With Stripe accept Apple Pay, which enables frictionless card payments and eliminates the need to manually type card or shipping details.

Google Pay

Integrate Google Pay into your shop using the Stripe plugin to tap into a user base of over 150 million globally.


Process charges and display prices in a customer’s preferred currency to improve sales and help customers avoid conversion costs.

Prebuild designs

pre-built payment UI’s, easy access to more than 100 payment methods, and Link, Stripe’s one-click checkout.


Optimize your checkout experience

Stripe’s optimised checkout suite delivers a frictionless customer experience. Increase revenue by offering multiple payment methods.

Unified, global Payments

Expand to new markets faster by launching payment methods and presenting in local currencies. Sell cross-border and lower the costs of multi-currency management.

Less fraud, more revenue

Automatically decrease fraud and improve authorisation rates with Stripe.

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